Abweichende Wuchsverhältnisse

Bild zur Ausstellung Abweichende Wuchsverhältnisse

Basel | ArtRegion: Basel - Oberrhein
balzer projects

Yasmin Alt und Esther Ernst: Abweichende Wuchsverhältnisse

11. Januar – 16. März 2019

Abweichende Wuchsverhältnisseis the first exhibition of Yasmin Alt and Esther Ernst with Balzer Projects. It is also their first collaborative artistic endeavor. Both share an interest in the ephemeral, fragmentary and little noticed. Esther Ernst processes found objects in her drawings while Yasmin Alt is quoting architecture – building small sculptures with pieces of repurposed wood with a history. Both artists create legacies that resemble diaries as well as positioning systems of personal and universal histories.

The exhibition highlights works that transcend personal orders and organizations. While urban structures and city environments are analyzed and implemented, the casual and accidental are examined with a private, often intimately personal and autobiographical approach, which both artists share. A cautious exchange is encouraged between drawings, found objects, pieces of furniture, wall and room sculptures.


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