Alba Albula

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Anne Mosseri-Marlio Galerie

Maria Magdalena Z'Graggen: Alba Albula

28. Februar – 13. April 2018

Looking through the large windows of Maria Magdalena Z’Graggen’s studio, one’s eyes are inevitably caught by the word GRENZE (“border”), written in sizable letters on the grey wall of the building opposite.

TERRA is the title of the new cycle of works Z’Graggen has created for her second exhibition at our gallery. In Romance languages, TERRA denotes earth not only as a planet, but also as soil; in English, the term stands for “any of the relatively light-colored highland areas on the surface of a moon or a planet” (Merriam Webster Dictionary). In her new cycle, the artist has worked with pigments from the most diverse regions of the globe, with each painting becoming an encounter of just two colours on a wooden panel. Throughout the cycle, different continents or “parts of the earth” get in touch with each other, drawing attention to overcoming boundaries, separation, isolation. A universe of colours is thus created in her studio – a world of colours that belongs to all of us. “Alba Albula” is not only the name of this exhibition, but also of the pigment ground from rocks of the Albula Valley in Switzerland and of the painting that uses this pigment alongside oriental indigo, Terra Ercolana from Italy and Russian jade. When mixing her paints, Z’Graggen uses such pigments deliberately to conjoin most diverse cultures in her works.


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