Berlin | ArtRegion: Berlin, Charlottenburg


all i want

10. Dezember 2021 – 12. Januar 2022

In times of turbo-capitalism and neoliberal constraints, Amazon wish lists and endlessly long lines in front of certain stores, it might do you good to take a short time out and instead of asking yourself What do I want? or What do I need? soberly ask yourself the question: What is good for me? After all, there is the possibility of surprising yourself in the process.

The works shown in the group exhibition do not aim to provide answers – on the contrary, one will search in vain for a clear offer of reception. And yet, in their own way, each of the works shown provides perspectives and possible approaches to dealing with such a fundamental question.


Mi-Fr 12-18
Sa 12-16

Ludwigkirchstraße 11
10719 Berlin