Back to black

Strasbourg | ArtRegion: Basel - Oberrhein

Stimultania | Pôle de photographie

Agence MYOP: Back to black

8. Oktober 2021 – 9. Januar 2022

Back to black is a collective exhibition bringing together the twenty members of the MYOP agency around the practice of black and white and largely giving a voice to photographers. The exhibition was conceived and shown for the first time on the occasion of MYOP in Arles 2021, Galerie Henri Comte.


Mi-Sa 14-18:30

Stimultania | Pôle de photographie
33 rue Kageneck
67000 Strasbourg

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Tram A/D: Gare Centrale oder Ancienne Synagogue Les Halles
Tram B / F: Alt Winmärik