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Guillaume Daeppen Galerie

Behind the Trick

17. Oktober – 21. November 2020

A trick, for those who don’t know, is what we call a skateboard manoeuvre. A trick is what could name the individual accomplishment of skateboarding. Tricks are what we see in skateboarding photos and videos and they are also the part of skateboarding that has managed to reach the mainstream media.

It’s only normal that tricks have such a central role; after all, that’s what skateboarding is about. But tricks are not everything! So for a change, we would like to give a different perspective on skateboarding, one that instead of focusing on tricks – the individual climax of a skateboarding experience – focuses on what is going on behind them. In other words, we’d like to show the perspective of more or less talented skaters that did more or less interesting tricks at a certain time in their life, a perspective of those who share an experience related to a trick that goes behind and beyond the trick itself.


Mi - Fr: 17 - 20
Sa: 12 - 17

Guillaume Daeppen Galerie
Müllheimerstrasse 144
4057 Basel

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