Being with Others Being with Others - Zusammensein 2022

Berlin | ArtRegion: Berlin, Pankow

Being with Others


9. Dezember 2022 – 28. Januar 2023 invited twelve contemporary artists and publishers to their exhibition „Being with Others – Zusammensein“, using the book as a main tool for their artistic practice. The aim was to connect the artists‘ book community and distribute their works by providing an exhibition platform for presentation and exchange, as well as showcasing the mobility and accessibility of books for readers. To accompany the exhibition, the publication Calendar 2023 was made, with artwork from the same artists assigned to their respective months, as a homage to Seth Siegelaub’s „calendar-as-exhibition“ March 1969. By providing both an on-site exhibition and a potentially worldwide calendar, the project demonstrated different possibilities of bringing together artists, art works and the public.


Do – Fr 13 – 19
Sa 12 – 17
Florastraße 61
13187 Berlin