Carried by the wind

Oscar Chan Yik Long 'Smoking as summoning' (2022), Chinese ink on canvas 51 x 60 cm (detail), courtesy of the artist

Münchenstein | ArtRegion: Basel - Oberrhein

Salon Mondial

Carried by the wind

Homeland in transit

11. – 26. Juni 2022

The word ‘homeland’ evokes a physical and permanent form on the surface, yet when we dive a little deeper into our memories and emotions, the word urges us to reflect on its complex and shifting nature. The exhibition channels narratives of ‘homeland’: borders, boundaries, roots, diaspora, cultural identity, colonial ideologies and beyond.

Wind is a symbol of change: the vital breath, flow of life. This familiar element can be pleasant and gentle as a breeze or a vigorous air energy as ‘hei3’ (氣) in Cantonese, yet it can be devastating and destructive as a hurricane or an accelerator for fire causing catastrophic damage. Wind also inspires the movements of thoughts and this Homeland in Transit chapter ‘Carried by the Wind’ is indebted to the captivating works by Bob Dylan, Sanmo, Juan Ramón Jiménez, Hayao Miyasaki and Wong Kar Wai.

In our fast-expanding world of displacement and exile, the sense of homeland is being constantly questioned and reinterpreted. Does the nature of the wind change? How do we strike a balance and find harmony within? Does it carry our messages, dreams and hopes? In the exhibition, we will find out how the six artists from Hong Kong and Switzerland Oscar Chan Yik Long, Isaac Chong Wai, Andreas Marti, Kathrin Siegrist, Iva Wili and Angela Su perceive this powerful element of movement and how they represent it in their works in mediums ranging from ink paintings, videos, moving objects, to textile installations.

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Fr-So 12-18

Salon Mondial
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