Da hinten ist das wo wir hinwollen

Berlin | ArtRegion: Berlin, Neukölln

Karl Oskar

Claudia Rega: Da hinten ist das wo wir hinwollen

21. April – 18. Mai 2022

For her very first solo exhibition at Karl Oskar Gallery, ‘Da hinten ist das wo wir hinwollen’ (Back there is where we want to go), Claudia Rega presents a series of paintings that explore the dangers and adventures of girlhood. Rega began her career as a professional psychologist, a profession she continues to practice even today. Her work offers a fundamentally different perspective on childhood, diametrically opposed to the dainty, well-behaved girls commonly seen in historical painting. These are paintings which playfully tussle with abstraction and representation, in deep connection with the life-affirming forces of nature.

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Karl Oskar
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