Design Miami.Basel 2024

Basel | ArtRegion: Basel - Oberrhein

Messe Basel

Design Miami.Basel 2024

Hall 1 Süd

11. – 16. Juni 2024

From June 10-16, over 25 exhibitor presentations, including several new gallery debuts, will come together at Messe Basel to showcase an array of world class historical and contemporary collectible design altogether under one roof.

Design Miami CEO Jen Roberts observes: “Last year was a significant milestone in the evolution of Design Miami, and this year will only see the momentum continue. [This] edition of our Basel fair follows the announcement of our global rebrand, and the inaugural Los Angeles edition. I greatly look forward to returning to our flagship location in Basel, to continue our mission at Design Miami: building and cultivating creative collaboration and a global platform for cultural exchange.” This June, Design Miami/ will return to its iconic Swiss location at Basel’s Messeplatz for the 18th edition of the fair, presenting a rich program of historic and contemporary collectible design.

This year’s Design At Large program is also sure to inspire, with three large-scale works displayed throughout the fairgrounds. Rino Claessens’ elegant Modular bench (2023), presented by Galerie SCENE OUVERTE(Paris), is composed of 28 glazed ceramic modules, and offers 14 seats in a curving, abstract formation. Multidisciplinary creative Marie Piselli (Paris) will present her new digital work, OUI CLOCK | AURORA (2024), taking an alternative approach to time, measuring it not in quantitative hours, minutes or seconds, but rather via moments shared, and moments alone, designed as a reminder of the importance of shared experiences and emotions. And last but not least, Ketabi Bourdet and LAFFANOUR (Paris) have joined forces for a special presentation of revered director and visual artist Robert Wilson’s Hamletmachine table and chairs, designed for the premiere of the eponymous play staged at NYU Theater in New York in 1986.

Gallery Program
Angela Weber Mobel / Friedman Benda / Los Angeles / / Galerie Eric Philippe / Galerie Eva Presenhuber / Galerie Gastou / Galerie Kreo / Galerie Maxime Flatry / Galerie Meubles Et Lumières / Galerie Mitterrand / Galerie Patrick Seguin / Galerie Scene Ouverte / Ketabi Bourdet Design / Laffanour | Galerie Downtown / Lebreton / Objects With Narratives / Pierre Marie Giraud / Thomas Fritsch–Artrium / Thomsen Gallery

Curio Program
193 Gallery / Craft X Tech / Karry Berreby / Mameluca Studio / Nick Thomm / Nolwa Studio / Pulp Galerie / Spazio Nobile

Design At Large
Galerie Scene Ouverte / Ketabi Bourdet Design / Laffanour | Galerie Downtown / Marie Piselli

Special Projects
Do You Read Me? / Downtown+ / Friedman Benda / Pulp Galerie

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Monday – Preview Day by invitation only:
12-18 Collectors Preview
18-20 VIP Preview

Public Show Days:
Tuesday: 10-19
Wednesday: 10-19
Thursday: 11-19
Friday: 11-19
Saturday: 11-19
Sunday: 11-18

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Messe Basel
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