Global Warning

traz parzelle 403 by ville de saint-louis 2020

Basel | ArtRegion: Basel - Oberrhein
Parzelle 403

Traz: Global Warning

16. – 24. Oktober 2020

„We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children“
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Global warming should be our priority. This project aims to give more visibility to this big challenge we face, in order to save the next generation from a hostile life.

Today everybody is aware of the slogans of big companies, such as: Just Do It, Think Different… due to almost 100 years of global mass marketing.
Using the same tactics publicists use in their ads, I created my own version of slogans in a serie of metallic sculpted letter pieces (Kinetic mobiles, sculptures…). They all share the contrast between metal and rust to illustrate the erosion of the earth and its decline. Nothing lasts forever, nature will always take over and find a way to reborn with or without human beings…

In a second step, some of these pieces are brought to the streets as “Call to action” designed to motivate change of attitude and raise collective awareness.
Act now !

Vernissage : Friday 16/10/20 (18H-22H)
DJ set (DJ Fabolous-Basel) : Saturday 17/10/20 (18H-22H)
Workshop (from 10 yo) Sunday 18/10/20 (14H-16H)
Afterwork : Friday 23/10/20 (16H-20H)
Finissage : Saturday 24/10/20 (14H-18H)


Auf Wunsch wird die Parzelle403 geöffnet, Anfrage an [email protected] oder per Mobiltelefon.

Parzelle 403
Unterer Heuberg 21
4051 Basel