Grainy Pixels

Berlin | ArtRegion: Berlin, Wilmersdorf


Trisha Baga: Grainy Pixels

17. Februar – 23. April 2022

Société is excited to present an exhibition focused entirely on Trisha Baga’s widely celebrated seed paintings. The American artist began this ongoing series in 2015 and has since exhibited these works in international institutions like Pirelli HangarBicocca and Kunsthalle Wien.

Trisha Baga is a gleaner. An avid accumulator of images and things, it’s somehow fitting that the artist eventually found their way to seeds. Grains, seeds, granules: these tiny things shape and measure our world. The grain was the earliest unit of mass, in the United Kingdom the “stone” is still used to measure weight, and the carat, a familiar unit to measure the size of precious gems, is actually derived from a carob seed. Grains and seeds are not only measures of smallness, but the roots of modern civilization—spawning systems for storage, trade, and cultivation. In Baga’s Seed Paintings, the artist swaps pixels for grains to depict anonymous figures roaming vast arid landscapes, transforming the stuff of agriculture into pointillist images of blank tourists scattered like so many seeds on the wind.


Mo-Sa: 10-18

Wielandstraße 26
10707 Berlin