Hybrid Order

Berlin | ArtRegion: Berlin, Charlottenburg


Bram Braam / Kirsten Hutsch: Hybrid Order

18. April – 25. Mai 2024

Bram Braam and Kirsten Hutsch combine in their art the exploration of different materials, media and artistic techniques. By assembling different elements, both challenge predetermined structures and existing organisational systems. They carefully create their own forms of expression and new orders from this synthesis.

A search for the raw traces to be found in our urban environment – a landscape dominated by architecture – are the points of departure for the work of Dutch artist Bram Braam. This search manifests itself in a sculptural and poetic representation of materiality and decay. Whether freestanding or on the wall, his works reflect the architectural transformation of the city and the relentless evolution of public space. The new series Hybrid Order exemplifies how Braam amalgamates various aspects and contrasts. Carefully assembled, the fragments of warm wood and monochromatic prints form a new depiction of nature and the city, illustrating the interactions between human and his environment.

Painting and sculpture merge in Kirsten Hutsch’s work to a distinctive new art form that challenges the boundaries of reality perception and interpretation. The Taped Paintings consist of multiple canvases held together by tape. Here, the canvas serves more than just a surface for painting; it becomes a compositional element, as Hutsch transforms the seemingly improvised tape from something temporary to something permanent, serving as both a painterly binder. A similar fusion of image and object can be found in the gesso paintings. The process of layering gesso onto canvas resembles an archaeological excavation, revealing hidden layers of the painting and bringing undisclosed characteristics to light. The peeled-off gesso pieces are then rearranged on a second canvas, creating an image that narrates and interprets its own genesis.


Mi-Fr 12-18
Sa 12-16

Ludwigkirchstraße 11
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