Insurgency of Life

Berlin | ArtRegion: Berlin, Friedrichshain, Kreuzberg


Goldin+Senneby: Insurgency of Life

27. November 2021 – 29. Januar 2022

NOME is pleased to announce Goldin+Senneby’s second solo show at the gallery.

Insurgency of Life draws on bodily experiences of living with an autoimmune condition and what that has meant for the artists’ joint subjectivity.

A “fountain of youth” in which immune-suppressing fungi grow on nutritional agar forms the centerpiece for thinking about networks of care and extraction, both between humans and other organisms. The Isaria sinclairii fungus has long been used in traditional Chinese medicine as an elixir of youth, and more recently, its active substance has been used in the development of drugs to treat MS. The fungal fountain is surrounded by ten Lego robots, which carry smartphones with a pedometer app. The robots manipulate the step counts, acting as decoys to data-hungry insurance companies that want to monitor people’s activity. The installation is accompanied by an X-ray image of a fungi-infested cicada (the insect that this fungus colonizes in order to propagate in nature), and a series of layered illustrations, Notes on a Condition, which symbolically depict the processes of nurture and extraction at work.


Di-Sa 13-18

Potsdamer Str 72
10785 Berlin