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Anahita Contemporary

Wenxin Zheng: Kaleidoskop

5. März – 16. April 2022

Wenxin Zheng’s paintings question the thin line drawn between what we see and what we think we see. Indeed, the relationship between „interior“ and „exterior“ prevails in her work. The latter can be characterized by the permeability of materials and the unique quality of gauze transformed and applied as a transparent medium. Her paintings reveal the thin texture and lay the basis of the coexistence of the many spatial layers upon the same image. The second quality of her work leans towards two-dimensionality, featuring light and bright colours. Finally, space and time are always heterogeneous – possibly as a result of confrontation – as the „interior“ and „exterior “ contradiction escalates throughout creative practice and development.


Di-Fr 14-18
Sa 11-16

Anahita Contemporary
Schlüterstrasse 14
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