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Stimultania | Pôle de photographie

Leonie Pondevie: LE FLEUVE ET SON ÎLE

21. Januar – 24. April 2022

I come from the mainland. I have crossed the river several times, completed the initiatory journey. Crossing the Rhône at Givors is crossing an ocean and entering new land. From the open sea, she remains impassive on the horizon, fringed with wild and mysterious shores where her ship can run aground; legends have made her an islander. She is both the Eden and the monster. We dream of it or we dream of leaving it. Because in Givors, you have to gain a foothold, you have to take off there, and move away. To go away and stay at the same time. Givors, for a while, produced dreams of foundation, fantasies of renewal, of recreation of the world. Some have come from far away to settle there. Because this island is the place of all possibilities. It is an anchor for those who inhabit it and experience it. To do as in Givors is to make your island.

Léonie Pondevie, May 2021

The river and its island is an exhibition produced as part of the 5 Star Residence by Léonie Pondevie. The artist tells the story of conquests and illusions, the adventure of the artisanal miners, the fried bleaks and contaminated territories, the cry of the black kite and the thrill of the highway. His images, romantic and pictorial, lead the visitor into an enchanting contemplation.


Mi-Sa 14-18:30

Stimultania | Pôle de photographie
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