Le Soin des Possibles

Basel | ArtRegion: Basel - Oberrhein

Le Soin des Possibles

15. September – 12. Oktober 2019

«We can learn to examine situations from the point of view of their possibilities, from
which they communicate with and that which they poison. Pragmatism is the care of the
possible.» (1)

«Le Soin des Possibles», which translates into «The Care of the Possible», is an
exhibition presenting artists working strategically with care in their practice.
Care for bodies. Care for the possible. The invited artists work in the gap
where ethics met aesthetics. Their activism is non-linear and perhaps
therefore not activism. But despite their non-explicit approach they disturb
status quo in each their own poetical, attentive and firm way.

The exhibition concept is inspired by Belgian philosopher Isabelle Stengers’
interview «Le Soin des Possibles» by Erik Bordeleau. Stengers speculates in
consequences and possible practices focusing on communities, alliances and
practices of care, feminist sorcery and neo-pagan witchcraft. Rather than
defining itself through antagony this type of practice produces its own sense
of presence.

A reader with the interview «The Care of the Possible» as well as texts
by curator Lotte Løvholm and 1.1 Co-founder Deborah Joyce Holman accompanies
the exhibition.

(1) ”The Care of the Possible”: Isabelle Stengers interviewed by Erik Bordeleau,
p. 12, in:
Scapegoat, Issue 1, 2010.


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