Luxury Loneliness

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Weiss Falk

Will Sheldon: Luxury Loneliness

23. April – 4. Juni 2022

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remember Will Sheldon’s Luxury Loneliness. Was it in 2022? It was so hard to keep track of time back then because everything had gone severely bonkers.

Those huge clipper ships on stormy seas, probably towards the climax of some doomed voyage in search of plunder— death ahoy! And then the pictures of fairytale staircases in cough syrup purple… I still think they’re beautiful paintings.

They weren’t set within the non-specific yore of Excalibur or whatever, like Will’s other stuff, but it was still a magic dressing-up box version of history. Pirates and princesses, fantasy zones, but rendered through a kind of disorientating and spooky mirage, like how those My Bloody Valentine songs about heartbreak are coated in reverb and distortion. They look like something you can’t even really remember: a dream or an old tale somebody told you a long time ago. Almost not there at all; ghosts, all eerily glowing and woozy and sinister…


Do & Fr 12-18
Sa 12-17
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Weiss Falk
Rebgasse 27
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