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Wichtendahl Galerie

moving silence

21. Mai – 25. Juni 2022

The paintings by Mats Bergquist and Rosa M Hessling as well as the sculptures by Winni Schaak radiate calm and silence. They appears subtle and meditative; at the same time, however, they are very intense. In their concentration, they invite us to pause and explore their mystery. Appearing at first glance as monochrome surfaces and shapes, surprising views and deep pictorial spaces reveal themselves in movement.

Mats Bergquist’s pictures are located in the tension between object and painting, between materiality and immateriality. The clarity of form, the visibility of the wood as a carrying material, and the monochrome colour surface convey a physical presence which contrasts with their delicate, cloudy colouration. They are reflections on emptiness and abundance, light and darkness.
Light is Rosa M Hessling’s subject, and painting is her medium. Her paintings appear monochrome, however, as the light changes the perception of colour becomes different and the works develop their own dynamics. In dialogue with light, her works generate a tremendous radiance and depth, unfold an inconceivable range of colours, and seem to glow from within.
Winni Schaak’s constructions from rusty cortensteel are characterised by straight lines and powerful curves, convex, concave and even flat surfaces. His forms are clear and balanced. Through twists, rotations and openings, however, obtain enormous complexity. Thus the observer is rewarded with unexpected perspectives. The sculptures appear enigmatic, irritating. Winni Schaak plays with perspective; spatial objects appear to become two-dimensional surface areas.


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Wichtendahl Galerie
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