New Works on Paper

Berlin | ArtRegion: Berlin, Charlottenburg

Wichtendahl Galerie

Simone Distler: New Works on Paper

10. September – 22. Oktober 2022

In her painting Simone Distler creates pictorial spaces of apparently infinite dimensions and immense power. She makes sweeping, dynamic gestures to apply highly diluted acrylic paint to paper by spraying, wiping and glazing – sometimes the outcome is light and airy, so that the paintings resemble watercolours; elsewhere she applies several thick layers of paint, which gives the works great weight and an extraordinary presence. Although her painting is abstract, the mind’s eye conjures landscapes, massive mountain ranges or vast plains, agitated water or radiant sky and cloud formations. Considerable dynamism is created by pulsating light, welling up from the depths of the picture and contrasting with the pull of darkness, meditative calm and concentration. Powerful gestures mean that we can sense the forces of nature. Moods and memories are awakened and yet nothing is obvious, everything remains undefined and open to multiple associations.


Di-Fr 14–18
Sa 13-17
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Wichtendahl Galerie
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