Noise Sphere

Berlin | ArtRegion: Mitte

Galerie Thomas Schulte

Franka Hörnschemeyer: Noise Sphere

27. November 2021 – 5. Februar 2022

Galerie Thomas Schulte is pleased to announce that Franka Hörnschemeyer has accepted an invitation to present her work at the gallery. This autumn’s exhibition divides the space into two spheres: on the ground of the Corner Space, the artist has erected one of her spatial sculptures made of rusty-red lattice walls that partition the space. Her work, Transponder, hovers above the sculpture, suspended from the gallery’s nine-meter-high ceiling. The wooden sculpture Rho stands in the adjacent Window Space. Together, the three independent works form a triad, resonating and corresponding with each other, and altering the atmosphere of the space.


Di–Sa: 12–18
und nach Vereinbarung

Galerie Thomas Schulte
Charlottenstrasse 24
10117 Berlin