Berlin | ArtRegion: Berlin, Charlottenburg

Max Hetzler Goethestraße 2/3

Oehlen, Pendleton, Pope.L, Sillman

4. November 2021 – 29. Januar 2022

Galerie Max Hetzler is pleased to announce the group exhibition Oehlen, Pendleton, Pope.L, Sillman at Goethestraße 2/3, in Berlin. This group exhibition is accompanied by a solo exhibition of Adam Pendleton’s work at Galerie Max Hetzler, Paris, which explores iterative procedures of writing and gesture in the artist’s drawings.

Oehlen, Pendleton, Pope.L, Sillman seeks to draw forth specificities and divergences from within a selection of paintings and drawings by four artists. These are works with an affinity for complications of painterly gesture and dynamics of generative feedback. In each case, the work is not primarily an index of the hand, but a space in which handiwork is swept up by a process, a performance, a technology, or some other unfolding that exceeds it. Albert Oehlen’s software presets and computer/paint mimesis; Adam Pendleton’s redoubled brushwork, spray-painted language, and typographic fragments; Pope.L’s intimately scaled nonrepresentational bastards on eraser; Amy Sillman’s grid of non-figurative animation components: all are works in flux, in states of continuous making and remaking.


Di-Sa 11-18

Max Hetzler Goethestraße 2/3
Goethestraße 2/3