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Performing Structures

Artistic Practice between Project and Improvisation

24. Oktober – 25. November 2012

Performing Structures is an exhibition project exploring the terrain in between improvisation technique and artistic practice. It presents installations, wall paintings, objects and drawings generated by a dense entanglement of gestures, intentions and materials, where multiple layers of free associations and heuristic structures collide. Performing Structures is a project immersed in time flow – the time to reflect, to solve problems and to imagine developments. Projects are put to the test as artists engage in a dialogue with materials in a process of listening and reacting – with physical qualities and structural requirements setting their rules and limits. Be it a drawing or a site specific structure, the narrative element is not a tale to be told, but the chronicle of a series of actions and inventive solutions – and the work on display an index of them all.

Performing Structures is an exhibition in three episodes, developed over an ongoing conversation with the artists. Performing Structures is also a publication in the form of an artist’s lexicon, to be released as final event of the exhibition project.

Episode One
Alice Cattaneo and Athene Galiciadis
Of patterns, freehand geometries, maquettes and mirrors
Vernissage and artists talk: 24 th October 6pm

Episode Two
9.11 – 14.11.2012
Simon Deppierraz
Of threads, parkour and potential energy
Vernissage and artist talk: 9 th November 6pm

Episode Three
Damian Navarro and Pierluigi Calignano
Of chaos, mutations, anachronism and failure
Vernissage and artists talk: 17 th November 6pm
Finissage and “Performing Structures lexicon” brunch and launch 25 th November

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