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Stampa Galerie


5. Mai – 12. August 2023

The exhibition covers a period of 50 years and thus gives an overview of a wide variety of artistic applications. Drawing as the „primordial medium“ of art is often characterised by a subtle intimacy and demands special attention from the viewer. The materials, from black charcoal dust as in case of Miriam Cahn to computer pixels in case of Manfred Stumpf, are precisely chosen. A drawing can’t be corrected. Once finshed, it endures.

The works on display are from the gallery’s depot. Exhibitions and close contacts with the presented artists are the foundation that has developed throughout our long exhibition history since 1969. The exhibition offers the possibility of discovery and rediscovery while reflecting on the history of the gallery.

Unfortunately, Vito Acconci, Carlo Aloe, Ian Hamilton Finlay, General Idea (Jorge + Felix), Denis Oppenheim, Vettor Pisani and Christian Rothacher have already passed away.

With Works by: Vito Acconci,Carlo Aloe,Véronique Arnold,Terry Atkinson,Silvia Bächli,Jonathan Borofsky,Miriam Cahn,Ernst Caramelle,Coop Himmelb(l)au,Marlene Dumas,Carlos Figueira,Ian Hamilton Finlay,Jacques Herzog,Christine + Irene Hohenbüchler,Zilla Leutenegger,Josef Felix Müller,Guido Nussbaum,Dennis Oppenheim,Vettor Pisani,Christian Rothacher,Klaudia Schifferle,Manfred Stumpf,Ernesto Tatafiore,Rosemarie Trockel


Di-Fr 12-18:30

Sa 11-17

Stampa Galerie
Spalenberg 2
4051 Basel