Reconstructor Paintings

Berlin | ArtRegion: Berlin, Schöneberg

Noah Klink

Taslima Ahmed: Reconstructor Paintings

29. April – 4. Juni 2022

Over the past ten years it seems like the history of painting firmly got detached from its creators and therefore split into a history of artists on one side and a history of painting on the other. Whereas the former keeps following ideas of progress, the narrative of the latter came to a halt after Epson-printed canvases and post-painting gestures to otherwise regress into rehashes of figurative, symbol- and meaning-laden „Schinken“ on the other. Meanwhile the hopes and desires for a renewal of painting were projected on the nascent medium of digital tokens aka NFTs. For a painter, this seems absurd. Why not use whatever affective ephemera coming out of the more and more organic relationship between humans and computers as material for painting?

Taslima Ahmed, in her third solo show at Galerie Noah Klink, presents us with eight predominantly white canvases, each of which inserts itself like a double sided screen between the two worlds, the organic and the virtual. Each of her paintings is produced by printing layer upon layer of UV-pigments until the image is raised – a technique that is sometimes used to make Braille and is often utilised here to imitate the strokes of paint of analog painting.


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Noah Klink
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