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Studio 4 Berlin

ELOA Unique Lights: SPEKTRUM

25. Februar – 31. Mai 2022

ELOA’s luminaires transform rooms into atmospheres.

ELOA combines the craft of ancient glassblowing with a simple yet distinct design, creating light objects that float weightlessly in space. In order to achieve the large size of the glass objects and its unique amorphous shapes, it takes a high level of refined craftmanship and skill performed by only a few master glassblowers in Bohemia.

These objects exist as pendant lights, floor- and table-lamps, wall-luminaires, as well as bowls and vases.

ELOA was founded in 2015 by the Swiss designer Simone Lüling, who is based in Berlin. Simone Lüling designs and coordinates the objects with the vision of combining simplicity and high-quality artisanship.


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Sa 11-16
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