süchtig nach Modeschmuck

Berlin | ArtRegion: Berlin, Prenzlauer Berg

Schiefe Zähne

Nico Ihlein: süchtig nach Modeschmuck

19. März – 23. April 2022

today was a day in a room. Again, he didn’t know, he recognized his face .. he lost his mother completely when he was 2, he was sure that was the reason there was still this person lying in the bed , or mostly on the couch in the afternoon. The same face but no response. Turning around. the protection he gave her in their fights made him feel good, the big strong dad and his poor small mom. He could always fight him and save her later it turned out she could also fight him when he went and did see other friends and people. He often thought the wrong things of her. The attention came to the price of no own live or sphere, taking out his penis to show his insect bites at the garden party of his aunt, attacked his friend Ute that was picking him up for a night out, she came running with full force onto her car after him and trying to open the door , kicking against it. Ute just accelerated the car and they made a smooth escape. Sometimes when he watches reality television he had a sense that this person he had lost at 2 did look at him, he was convinced and agitated; remembering, seeing his mother looking at him in another body, looking at him saying things in the show but speaking silently

there is always Dr. Holiday ”So, want to tell me what Happened out there today?”

G.rex ”Just another stunning Victory. Saved a lot of people, you know. Maybe I deserve some sort of reward, say dinner, movie? Mmph!“

Dr.Holidays “I‘m talking about the 90% negative spike in your bioenergy. Have an explanation for that?“

G.Rex “ My bios spike every time I see you doctor“

turns into goes into a room, closes the door behind him, puts his plastic cup on the white plastic table. The milk from the coffee hits him. there are a few softporn magazines on the table. It‘s blue linoleum, black metal legs, radical comes through under the door. he takes his hand and puts it in his pants from above, half lying on his chair.


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Schiefe Zähne
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