Summer in Paciencia

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Franco Fasoli: Summer in Paciencia

2. Juli – 4. September 2021

Franco Fasoli is an Argentinean artist who lives between Barcelona and Buenos Aires, a kind of nomad who loves his homeland with all its contradictions but knows that re-adapting to a place takes time, no matter how much he may feel at home there. Even more so in these times in which we are developing infinite patience with the „bicho este de mierda“.

Returning to Argentina, these last six months have filled him with life memories and this trip has been his main source of inspiration for the exhibition. Through his collages composed from his own photographs taken during “ese tiempito“ he spent there, Franco shows us images that were not just randomly selected but chosen because of their emotional content and the fun he had making them. Many of these are moments of waiting, of observing the things he already knew, while others he simply wanted to paint them or turn them into collages.


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