The Digital Art Mile

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The Digital Art Mile

Digital Art Show

10. – 16. Juni 2024

Nestled in the historic heart of Basel, space25 hosts the nucleus show for The Digital Art Mile. The 3-level 400sqm space showcases a curated show by Fellowship from celebrated classics to the latest innovations. & Championing historical and contemporary artists at the cutting edge of photography, generative art, AI, and video. Our ambition is to connect the lineage of art’s rich history, breaking down barriers between the traditional and the new to pave the way for an inspiring and vibrant future. With private funding, we’re building an ecosystem to support artists and collectors alike, offering both digital and physical spaces for art appreciation and acquisition, alongside comprehensive support services. In just two years, we’ve showcased over 100 emerging and experienced voices, capturing a transformative period in art history in real-time.

Sigg Art Foundation is an independent and non profit organisation founded in 2020 by Pierre Sigg, a longtime art collector with deep ties to contemporary art and technology and who has been living in Saudi Arabia since 1975. Through its residencies, collection, and programs, it aims at supporting the development of new ideas, encouraging knowledge, and creating bridges between cultures. Sigg Art Foundation empowers emerging creatives, with a special focus on artists challenging history and its artistic heritage through the lens of digital and technological innovation.

Sotheby’s is thrilled to present EVENT, a collection of 500 algorithmic artworks by conceptual artist Bernar Venet, that explores the interplay of chance and unpredictability in the digital realm, building on his six-decade exploration of chance and entropy across diverse mediums such as sculpture, painting, drawing, poetry, sound, design, and photography.

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