The Rosenthaler Suite

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Ebensperger Berlin

Sandro Kopp: The Rosenthaler Suite

11. Februar – 13. März 2022

The “Rosenthaler Suite” is a series of paintings by Sandro Kopp that came to life in Angoulême, France and Nairn, Scotland during and after the filming of Wes Anderson’s “The French Dispatch”. For the film, Kopp created the entire oeuvre for one of the film’s protagonists: the pioneering artist Moses Rosenthaler. This exhibition comprises as yet unseen versions of the painting Simone, Naked, Cell Block J, Hobby Room as well as the continued explorations of the artistic language that Kopp developed for Rosenthaler and has made his own.

“Sandro Kopp is the hand of imprisoned artist Moses Rosenthaler in my film ‘The French Dispatch’ Literally, he reaches into frame replacing the actor’s arm and fingers each time a picture is painted on-camera. Figuratively, it’s all Sandro. Abstract Expressionist, French Modernist, a taste of Tribeca before the real estate prices went up: he invented his own personal genre for us; boldest brushstrokes, blasting color, a dazzling and wonderful sequence of images which transformed our film and evolved further into the work shown in this thrilling new exhibition.”


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