The Solo Project 2014

The Solo Project

Basel | ArtRegion: Basel - Oberrhein


The Solo Project 2014

solo shows by selected galleries

18. – 22. Juni 2014

With its unique focus, pleasant ambiance and easy access, the Solo Project offers an alternative to the mercantile hustle and bustle of Basel during the fair week.

The seventh edition of the show, due to take place to coincide with Art Basel in June 2014, will make a serious attempt to focus the art gallery going public on this carefully selected group of artists, each presenting solo or collaborative projects.

The presentation will take place in the spacious Sankt Jakobshalle.

The familiar environment of works being contextualised by dealers within a major art fair with the proliferation of an ever increasing number of subsidiary fairs is now common place. This project is not an attempt to replicate already existing art fairs but rather a chance to enhance the contemporary art experience presenting a more in depth view of each artists work.

It is the plan of the-solo-project to take a different approach, resembling more, a series of considered gallery type shows in well constructed spaces for each gallery, giving the works more ‘room to breath’, the artists more room to make a clear presentation and the visitors an environment in which the works can be considered as a body of work rather than as loan pieces. The galleries exhibiting will have works for sale but the emphasis of this event will be a return to a scholarly based agenda.

There is a full colour, well illustrated catalog available for the event, including a four to eight page section for each gallery to collate a record of works presented at the show with added contextual information about each artist.

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Mi: 12 - 20
Do - Sa: 10 - 19
So: 10 - 17

Brüglingerstrasse 19-21
4052 Basel

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Tram 14: St.Jakobshalle