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von Bartha

Beat Zoderer: The Ultimate Sphere

4. September – 23. Oktober 2021

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Geöffnet ab 1. März 2021

The Ultimate Sphere will continue Beat Zoderer’s exploration into large-scale sculpture and present a series of new sculptural works by the artist that will fill the gallery’s north space.

Beat Zoderer (b.1955, Zürich) is known for his colourful paintings, sculptures and installations created from everyday materials. The Ultimate Sphere will showcase new sculptural works, including a monumental sculpture, site-specific to the gallery space, created using a Suprematist construction method. The sculpture will consist of a giant sphere assembled from numerous wooden boards, which will be painted on-site by the artist using heavily watered-down paint, dowsed on untreated wood. The sculpture will utilise colours typical to Zoderer’s work, but will be more muted and subtle due to the process of application.

Zoderer uses his sculptures and assemblages as a tool to penetrate perspectives, illuminating the space and distorting depth. Drawing inspiration from artists such as Lyonel Feiniger, Georges Braque and El Lissitzky, the works featured in this show will be entirely spherical in character; playfully constructed using planks of polyurethane foam and coated with a thin layer of piano lacquer to create a perfect curved surface. Zoderer’s artistic approach to creating these new works is expressive, yet precise in its execution. A series of new sculptural wall-based works crafted from copper entitled, kubistische Modelle, will also be featured in the show, adding to the array of everyday materials the artist commonly uses.


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