U Feel Anything?

Basel | ArtRegion: Basel - Oberrhein

Ernestyna Orlowska: U Feel Anything?

12. – 25. Mai 2018

Ernestyna Maria Orlowska has a Bachelor in Fine Arts and a Master in Expanded Theater from the Berne University of Arts.

In her artistic practice she merges the different disciplines of fine art, theater, performance and music.

Her works are shown in galleries, independent art spaces, museums as well as theaters and festivals, such as Helmhaus Zurich, Bone Performance Festival Berne, Schlachthaus Theater Bern, Südpol Lucerne, Dampfzentrale Bern, Les Urbaines Lausanne, Buzz Cut Festival Glasgow, Theaterspektakel Zürich, Transeuropa Festival Hildesheim, Kunsthalle Basel, etc.

She won various grants/prizes for emerging performers, among others Tankstelle Lucerne 2015, Inkubator Zurich 2016, Kicks! Berne 2016 and was part of the Baushtelle Balkan Temple, a residency program in Belgrade and Prishtina in 2015.


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