Wild at Art

Münchenstein | ArtRegion: Basel - Oberrhein

Atelier Mondial

Wild at Art

Zeitgeist: pre and post Analogue

7. – 16. Juni 2024

Art Basel Week Hours (10-16 June 2024):

Mon-Sun 11-18

The ‚Wild at Art‘ art exhibition embraces the vivacity and vibrance of the city, that comes alive within a different context, amidst the hustle and bustle of Art Basel 2024. This second time, we celebrate the many expressions of multi-disciplinary artists from India and Switzerland, with a diverse selection of artworks, in the midst of the Campus of the Arts in Basel at Atelier Mondial.

The exhibition ‚Zeitgeist: pre and post Analogue‘ reflects the techno-spirituality of the ’spirit of the time‘, before and after analogue, amidst a heavily digi-centric world. With sentiments of new and old, we show harmonies and anomolies between two contrasting multilingual and multi-ethnic nations of Switzerland and India. The alpine nation with its small ecologies; distributed over mountains, lakes, economically and culturally industrious landscapes, remains a land-locked island in the midst of the European Union. Whilst India, the largest tech-savvy democracy in the world, which superceded China with its human capital last year, being a sub-continent of the east, rich in resources, with great mountains, deserts, forests, plateaus, surrounded by seas. India has gone through many transformations at remarkable speeds, since its independance from the Brexiteers (currently governed by a prime minister of the diaspora), offering a plethora of innovations, whilst being instrinsically reverent to ancient lore.

Ancient philosophies (popularly understood through Buddhism or the practice of yoga, which is based on the teachings of the Bhagavad Gita) outline the fundamental principle that ‚desire creates sorrow‘. With worlds interconnected and ever-growing populations, we are expressing evermore thoughts and creating unbounded desires, which algorithms are processing whilst catalysing weird and wonderful new entropies, exponentially. Daily we feed huge databases with insatiable appetites. They devour monstrous quantities of digital content, through gateways and cookies around the world, each second. Are these quantities and implementations necessary and digestible ? Are the benefits of digitalisation setting us free ? Are we really helping ourselves in the pursuit of a higher state of liberation ? With an energy crisis, when we have to switch off the machine, can we switch ourselves off ? Can we disconnect from machines ? Where is ‚the‘ switch ?

Are we living beyond our existential needs? Has our struggle for existence become more difficult ? Have we broken free from natural law (of Karma or Causation) or can it no longer serve us ? What are our positions individually and our place with our societies ? Have nature walks and conversations with others become crucial to sustain our existence ? Where is our mindfulness ? Can we go beyond and overcome ourselves? Can we jump over our own shadow ? Is there a need for faith, magic and mysticism ? What would the great Mahatma say about all this?

Thursday 6th June, 18:00-21:00 – Opening, 18:30 Introduction, 19:00 Performance: Mirzlekid
Saturday 8th June, 16:00 Curator’s Tour, 17:00 Meet the artists; Rosa Lachenmeier
Tuesday 11th June, 17:30-18:00 Performance: Parama Kesawa and Mer Ayang
Saturday 15th June, 16:00 Curator’s Tour, 17:00 Meet the artists
Sunday 16th June, 17:00 Performance: Christine Fausten, Meet the artists, Finissage

Artists (* – digital art)
Abhishek Singh – Painting
Adarsh Baji – Painting
Ana Leonor Pita – Installation, scupture
Anjaneyulu G – Painting
Anjani Reddy – Painting
Christine Fausten – Sculpture
Daniel Petko – Painting
Denise Lach – Calligraphy
Dirk Koy – Digital art *
Harshavardhan Kadam – Digital artist
Ibtisam Tasnim Zaman – Painting/ Sculpture
Jana Vanecek – Digital *
Joel Eschbach – Collage
Judith Nussbaumer – Painting
Juliette Lepage Boisdron – Painting
Jung-Yeun Jang – Painting
Maboart bohren & magoni – Installation *
Margarit Lehmann – Digital painting *
Mahati Kalidindi – Painting and drawing
Mer Ayang – Performance
Michel Winterberg – Digital installation *
Mirzlekid – Performance
Monica Ferreras De La Maza – Painting and Sculpture
Moïra Himmelsbach – Digital animation *
Neelesh Kumar – Digital Art
Parameshwara Raju – Calligraphy
Parama Kesawa – Dance performance
Parvez – Installation
Permi Jhooti – Digital art *
Pranav Sakhalkar – Digital Art
Priyanka Aelay – Painting
Rama Kalidindi – Painting and digital art *
Rosa Lachenmeier – Painting
Roland Wirz – Sculpture
Sabita Lakshmanan – Painting, drawing
Sanjoy Patra (Digital India) – Paintings
Saskia Edens – Digital work, performance photograph *
Simone Steinegger – Sculpture
Suter Bult – Sculpture
Sibylle Laubscher – Painting
Tami Komai – Painting
Thomas Ritz – Painting

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Daily 11-18

Atelier Mondial
Freilager-Platz 9
4142 Münchenstein