Jamali Gallery

Jamali Gallery

1018 East Las Olas Blvd. | Fort Lauderdale | Art Region: Miami


Jamali is an established, professional New York Artist. His complex surfaces and mystical imagery have been compared to the neo-expressionists Anselm Kiefer and Georg Baselitz. His gestural techniques link him to Jackson Pollock and the New York school. But the pre-eminent art critic Donald Kuspit has seen that Jamali’s singular method requires its own name, „Mystical Expressionism“.

Jamali created „Mystical Expressionism“ the 6 ism in the history of art, a marriage of contemporary consciousness and art’s most ancient traditions. Jamali’s fusion of these opposites–the contemporary and the timeless–has produced a life work unmatched in its scope, variety, and spiritual depth. He has innovated several unique painting rituals and styles including; painting with his feet; Fresco Tempera; Pigmentation on Cork and Pigment Dispersion. He has attracted a select international and circle of collectors, drawn by his mystical style and charismatic persona.

Mon-Sat: 10-22
Sun: 10-20

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