Karl Oskar

Burgemeister Strasse 4 | Berlin | Art Region: Berlin, Neukölln


Karl Oskar Gallery is a continuation of Wilde Gallery, which was founded in 2007 in Berlin Mitte. In a five year period the former Gallery produced 30 exhibitions and participated in 17 International Art Fairs. Karl Oskar Gallery continues the legacy of Wilde Gallery, seeking to explore painterliness in all media.

The gallery’s emphasis on curation means that each show will be conceived based on specific thematic criteria. The gallery is also proud to host guest curators as part of its program.

Karl Oskar features the work of artists at all stages in their careers. Some artists at the gallery have taken part in prestigious international exhibitions and biennials, and whose work may be found in renowned private and public collections.

A important aspect of Karl Oskar Gallery’s work will include participating in art fairs at home and abroad.

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