balzer projects

balzer projects

Wallstrasse 10 | Basel | Art Region: Basel - Oberrhein


Having developed from a curatorially oriented project into a gallery, Balzer Projects exists in its current form since 2015. Represented are international artists from different generations, cultural backgrounds and approaches to media, who share the engagement with social, political and cultural realities and respond to societal challenges with aesthetic consciousness. Exhibitions strive to defy cultural and aesthetic assumptions, question artistic strategies and be critically relevant.

With a shifting focus upon the field of socially oriented and time-based art, the gallery’s exhibitions as well as its curatorial formats and publications aim to address a broad international public. Occasionally, the gallery invites curators to work within the gallery’s regular programme. Furthermore, “gallery projects” and “cabinets” are geared towards smaller and experimental projects within the gallery space. To accomplish an interaction between artists, institutions and an interested public is one of the gallery’s key missions. We work closely with other international galleries and off-spaces and are showing in international art fairs. balzer projects aims to be an active contributor to the contemporary art discourse.

Wed - Fr: 13 - 18h
Sat: 11 - 16h
and by appointment

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