Country SALTS

Country SALTS

Hof Strickmatt | Bennwil | Art Region: Basel - Oberrhein


SALTS mission is to support young Swiss and international artists to develop unique and outstanding site-specific projects. Since 2009, the exhibitions have often materialised on site, in varied forms of media, always with the goal to push beyond the artists‘ daily practice, while challenging the audience’s formal and conceptual expectations.

Each new project grows out of a unique commissioning process, born from an open-ended conversation, with the ultimate goal to become a landmark in an artist’s career. Off the usual gallery set-up and dynamics, SALTS is a non-for-profit space that aims at developing proposals that address the specificity of its location. An old family butcher shop, two converted garage boxes, a courtyard and a garden adjacent to the river Birs on the outskirts of Basel are the elements each artist is offered to respond to formally and conceptually.


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