Bäumleingasse 9 | Basel | Art Region: Basel - Oberrhein


The first time I stepped into this house, so full of history, where parts of the house were being used to sell antiques, I saw a huge red velvet sofa I fell in love with and bought it.

A few years later after having studied Art-therapy, I moved my atelier, art studio here to work.

In August 2021, came the amazing opportunity to take over more!

Dubuffet’s spirit lingers here and I hope it will guide me along the way and inspire me.

This House has filled with friends, painters, artists, writers, musicians, light technicians, electricians, art curators and so many more, so many incredible people, all working together to make this work…. somehow reminding me of one of my former lives as a multimedia producer…

This new place, my new place, needed a name…. and when the first lease payment bill for the house arrived, labelled PRAXIS…. There it was, the perfect name, voilà! PRAXIS was born!

Now, after all the preparations, excitement and energy spent, when I get home, I can dive into my great red velvet sofa.

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