Borch Gallery

Goethestraße 79 | Berlin | Art Region: Charlottenburg


The heart of BORCH Gallery & Editions is the Copenhagen printmaking studio. The printmaking, always done in-house, is a close collaborative process between the artists, founder and master printer Niels Borch Jensen, and his team of master printers: Julie Dam, Tom Jennions and Mette Ulstrup. The collaborations often continue over many years, allowing the artists to build up a comprehensive body of printed work that explores the various aspects of the medium and ties in closely with their oeuvre.

Since 1999, the print projects have been presented in BORCH Gallery in Berlin. In 2018, BORCH Gallery moved to a new space in Charlottenburg. The space functions as both a gallery and a print room, allowing us to display changing exhibitions whilst also giving access to the vast archive of print projects.

BORCH Editions regularly participates in some of the world’s foremost art fairs, among them Art Basel and the IFPDA Fine Art Print Fair in New York.

Mi-Sa: 11-18

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